Mental Health and Therapy Support for Black Communities

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Nothing in the world (history, science, technology, sex, education, sports, entertainment etc.) is value free or valueless. Every action that transpires between peoples and cultures carries with It its own values. And if Black people do not have and practice their own values, customs and traditions Other peoples out of their own survival necessity will impose their values on us…

Therefore we believe that our collective movement must address itself to life-giving and life-saving values, actions and institutions That stimulate and motivate Black people towards liberation and redevelopment of Black people.

– Haki Madhubuti

Our Mission


To bring Black Psychology and African Centred Therapy into the mainstream of training of all mental health practitioners

Service Models

To share appropriate models of  support for the engagement with and provision of well-being and mental health services to our communities.

Supporting Community

Developing  bespoke African Centred support for Black communities and organisations